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Ben Simmons' Coach On What To Expect From Him On Nets: "You're Gonna See Ben Simmons In A Whole Different Light"

NBA Fans Troll Ben Simmons After His Old Tweet About Being Swept Resurfaces: “Watching My Team Get Swept Hurt And I Don’t Ever Want To Feel That Way Again.”

Ben Simmons doesn't look to be making his debut for the Brooklyn Nets this season after various reports over a back injury paint the picture that Simmons needs a lot more time than just another few weeks to be a part of the Nets playoff plans.

However, there is a lot of curiosity around Simmons right now in a way it hasn't been seen before. The last time he played basketball, it was a bad moment for him as he was held responsible for the Philadelphia 76ers falling to the Atlanta Hawks. Ever since, there has been a whole trade saga involving his current team and old team, but we are yet to see him play.

Simmons is known for his private workouts, where he takes videos of him splashing threes and jumpers like it's nothing. His trainer Chris Johnson revealed that Simmons has been working extremely hard on improving his game and that the change of scenery from Philly is going to help him become better. He also noted how the influence of Mike D'Antoni can help Simmons elevate himself. 

 "You're gonna see him go to the next level. Change of scenery, change of coaches, change of environment. Being in a new situation and a new system. I looked at like D'Antoni, you look at Steve Nash. Steve Nash was a two-time MVP under D'Antoni. D'Antoni made James Harden MVP of the league. It's something about his offensive coaching in a team structure that allows players to just."

Simmons will have a much better role in Brooklyn, as most of the scoring will come through Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant. If Simmons can continue playing like the Defensive Player of the Year caliber player he is with his sensational playmaking, the Nets could be a force, with Simmons being the engine of the team.