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Ben Simmons Could Get Fined $227K Every Day If He Fails To Report To Training Camp

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NBA Fans Destroy Ben Simmons After Scoring Just 6 Points In Game 6

Ben Simmons is a great player, despite his mishaps in the Philadelphia 76ers' most recent playoff run. He has certainly played well enough in the past to earn himself a max-level rookie extension.

He is currently embroiled in a tug of war against the Philadelphia 76ers due to him wanting out of the franchise. However, Simmons' trade value dipped, and it seems as though the Philadelphia 76ers haven't yet found any trades that have piqued their interest. There have been prior reports that suggested that Ben Simmons might not show up to training camp if he isn't traded.

If Ben Simmons does end up sitting out, it might cost him a lot of money. A recent report by Darrelle Lincoln relayed the words of ESPN reporter Brian Windhorst, who stated that the 76ers could fine Ben Simmons $227,000 for every day that he doesn't show up.

The Sixers could fine the three-time All-Star $227,000 per day, a total that would amount to roughly $1.3 million.

“Typically, NBA teams, especially in training camp, work six days a week. That means that if they wanted to fine him for every week, he could be fined about $1.3 million dollars,” Windhorst said. “That is what they could do. The Simmons side, basically, has told me ‘we are prepared for that ramification.’”

There's no question that losing $227,000 for each day that he doesn't play would hurt Ben Simmons financially, though it seems as though he is willing to do that in order to get what he wants, which is an exit from Philadelphia.

It looks as though a new era is going to be afoot for the Philadelphia 76ers, as it feels as if Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons will be separated from one another this offseason. It's only a matter of a time before the 76ers pull the trigger on a trade, and we'll see where Ben Simmons goes soon enough.