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Ben Simmons Has Deactivated His Instagram Account Days After Showing His Excitement To Play For Nets

Charles Barkley Gets Real About Ben Simmons' Situation With The Brooklyn Nets: "Ben Is Getting To The Point Where His Teammates Are Like ‘Yo, Does This Dude Want To Play Basketball?’"

Amid the Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving dramas, the Brooklyn Nets are trying to solve every issue they've had in the past season. They assembled a team that looked great on paper, and even after James Harden left, they knew that Ben Simmons would be a great addition to them. 

However, the Australian point guard never suited up for the team and couldn't share touches with Durant and Irving, missing a big opportunity last season. Now, Simmons is on the verge of being left alone at Barclays Center, as both KD and Ky are on their way out of Brooklyn. 

Things haven't been easy for anybody on the team, and Simmons isn't the exception. His recent activity on social media says a lot about his mindset, which has apparently changed. Earlier this week, Simmons posted an Instagram story showing his excitement about the 2022/23 season, but it seems like things are different now. 

In recent hours, NBA fans found out that Ben has deleted his Instagram account, which is an unclear sign. 


The energy might have shifted for the Australian, who looked ready to compete with the new-look Nets six days ago. However, he won't be able to share touches with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, although he could join KD if the Nets target one young star. 

This situation only gets worse every day and nobody knows how it'll end. The Nets have a lot in their hands right now and it's up to them to leave the mess they created. Time will tell how this situation plays out, as they could start next season without any member of their Big 3.