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Bill Simmons: "Kevin Durant Is The Only Person In The Last 5 Years Who Has Truly Bought In To Kyrie."

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Stephen A. Smith Believes Kevin Durant Holds Kyrie Irving's Future In His Hands: "If KD Says Enough Is Enough, Kyrie Is Gone. Traded."

Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving are both stars who have remained on the Brooklyn Nets after the trade deadline. There is no doubt that the two are good friends, and that was clear from the moment they joined the Brooklyn Nets together.

James Harden ended up leaving the Brooklyn Nets via trade, getting sent to the Philadelphia 76ers for Ben Simmons and other trade pieces. It was reported that he and Kyrie Irving had issues with one another previously during their time on the Brooklyn Nets.

On an episode of his recent podcast, Bill Simmons of The Ringer has claimed that Kevin Durant is "the only person in the last 5 years" who has "bought into Kyrie Irving", seemingly implying that Durant is the only person to accept who Kyrie Irving is. Simmons used an analogy to provide some context to his statement.

This was the equivalent of, KD is 2 years out of college living in like Boston. He's in a three bedroom apartment, and he's living with Kyrie. And Harden is thinking of moving to Boston. He's like "You should move in. We have another bedroom". He's like "Kyrie's cool man, yeah hes not there, he's never there at all, you'll love it"... Harden gets there and it's a disaster from the get go... Durant if the only person in the last 5 years who has truly bought into Kyrie.

There is no doubt that Kyrie Irving has made some interesting decisions over the course of his time with the Brooklyn Nets. Many will point to his status as a part-time player, and add that Kevin Durant has accepted that while many others have criticized it.

Hopefully, the Kyrie Irving - Kevin Durant partnership leads to at least one championship. The Brooklyn Nets have the talent to get it done this year, and perhaps we'll see them go all the way.