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BJ Armstrong Says Tim Duncan Would Give Michael Jordan The Most Problems

(via Sporting News)

(via Sporting News)

Former Michael Jordan teammate BJ Armstrong revealed who he believes is the second-best player in history, San Antonio Spurs legend Tim Duncan. Amstrong joined ESPN’s First Take when he was asked about the best player in NBA history after His Airness.

“Tim Duncan was a marvelous player. He played the game from the four, the five position. He was one of the unique players. Like a Michael Jordan, who could get to spaces on the court you couldn’t do anything about,” Armstrong said.

TD is considered the greatest power forward of all time, and Armstrong believed the Bulls would have had a hard time trying to stop him during their years of dominance in the league. He even claimed Duncan is the player that would give more problems to MJ and company.

“The player in my mind that if I was to ever say would give us (Bulls) the most problems or give him (Michael Jordan) the most problems would be Tim Duncan,” he said.

“Technically speaking, Tim Duncan to me is a player that is really as unique a talent as I’ve seen in the NBA. And if you’re going to have a player that’s going to counter the talent like a Michael Jordan, who was almost like flawless technically in his game, Tim Duncan can do that.”

During his 19-year stint in the NBA, Duncan was known as the most fundamental player we’ve ever seen. He led his team to five championships playing a big role in each of those successful runs.

We don’t know what would have happened if he clashed against Jordan a couple of years earlier than he actually did, but there is no doubt that the man was a big deal throughout his entire career and was extremely impactful on the Spurs’ success.

Dennis Rodman believed the Bulls would have ‘easily’ defeated the 1998/99 San Antonio Spurs, but for Armstrong, things aren’t that clear.