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Blake Griffin Had Strong Words For Detroit Pistons Fans: "The 2018-19 Season... I Was An All-Star, All-NBA, I Dunked A Few Times, Played In The Playoffs Injured, But Yeah... I'd Hate Me Too Detroit."

Blake Griffin

Blake Griffin is now on the Brooklyn Nets, after securing a buyout from the Detroit Pistons last season. While that was undoubtedly a good move for his career, the manner of his exit upset some Detroit Pistons fans, who felt as though he gave up on the franchise and played poorly to get a buyout. 

It seems as though Blake Griffin had something to say to his haters in Detroit. When speaking on the Pardon My Take podcast, Griffin referred to his 2018-19 season, where he was an All-Star and an All-NBA selection, while also playing injured in the playoffs. There's no doubt that he did have a good season that year, and that he was willing to lay his body on the line to give his team a better chance of winning.

While it is understandable why Detroit Pistons fans would be upset with Blake Griffin based on his play and his exit, it seems as though things worked out for both Griffin and the Pistons in the end. Griffin is now on a superteam with multiple top-tier stars, while the Detroit Pistons ended up getting the No. 1 pick in the NBA draft and selecting an amazing prospect in Cade Cunningham. 

Things are looking up for both Blake Griffin and the Pistons, and perhaps the fans will be able to put their animosity for him aside as time goes by. It's easy to understand Griffin's perspective, and things just didn't end up working out for him in Detroit.

Blake Griffin will be attempting to compete for a championship with the Brooklyn Nets next season after the team fell short this season due to injuries. Hopefully, Blake Griffin can have a productive season with the Brooklyn Nets, and perhaps he'll be able to add a championship to his fairly strong individual trophy cabinet.