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Blake Griffin Reflects On Kevin Durant And LeBron James' Decisions To Join Superteams: "Just Enjoy These Guys. Enjoy Their Talent While You Can. It Doesn’t Come Around That Often.“

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

Blake Griffin has had enough of fans trying to blast Kevin Durant and LeBron James for their decisions of joining the Golden State Warriors and Miami Heat, respectively, a couple of years ago. The Detroit Pistons star understands that fans might be hurt by those moves, but that's now part of the past and now it's time to enjoy KD and Bron while they're still around.

LeBron James joined the Miami Heat in 2010 after spending his first seven seasons with the Cleveland Cavaliers, reaching an NBA Finals in 2007. Kevin Durant joined the Golden State Warriors in 2016 after 9 seasons with the Seattle SuperSonics/Oklahoma City Thunder. These moves were highly criticized around the league and even though a lot of time has passed, some fans can't get over it.

During an Instagram Live with GQ, Griffin went after those fans, asking them to stop being so emotional and enjoy Durant and James' talents.

“When LeBron left Cleveland and everybody just sh*t on him for years…when he came back to Cleveland and won, it was like we’re good now. KD left Oklahoma City and people still to this day don’t truly appreciate him,” Griffin told GQ, via Essentially Sports.

“You’re watching one of the best players of all time and people are just trying to find ways to hate on him. Hopefully now, with KD in Brooklyn, people might relax a little bit. My advice to fans that talk sh*t about some of these guys is, ‘Just enjoy these guys. Enjoy their talent while you can. It doesn’t come around that often.’ “

These two are generational talent and they're already past their 30s. We don't know how many seasons will see LeBron and KD playing at the highest level so it's better to enjoy them while they're still playing at the top, leading teams to compete for titles.

Right now Bron is looking for his 4th title in the NBA bubble in Orlando while Kevin Durant is getting ready for next season, where his Brooklyn Nets will try to make a statement in the league. Some fans are still hopeful to see another duel between Bron and KD in the Finals. The competition is harder now but a duel between LeBron and KD sounds very exciting for the NBA community.