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Bogdan Bogdanovic Believes De'Aaron Fox Will Get His First All-Star Appearance Next Season

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De'Aaron Fox is one of the rising young players in this league. Fox's speed with the ball is insane, and he is an amazing slasher. Over the course of this season, De'Aaron Fox averaged 25.2 PPG, 3.5 RPG, and 7.2 APG on 47.7% from the field. While he definitely has areas in which he can improve, such as shooting from beyond the arc, it is clear that he is playing at an extremely high level.

Despite his amazing season, De'Aaron Fox didn't end up making the All-Star team. Part of that is due to the lack of team success he has had with the Sacramento Kings, with the team currently suffering through a long playoffs drought. However, that could possibly change next season.

Fox's former teammate, Bogdan Bogdanovic has shared his belief in Fox's ability to make his first All-Star appearance. ESPN has recently posted a Tweet asking about which player among LaMelo Ball, Ja Morant, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, and De'Aaron Fox would make their first All-Star appearance. That is certainly a difficult question to answer, as all of those players are extremely promising young guards. Bogdanovic had no hesitation in picking his former Kings teammate though, and he responded to the Tweet with a fox emoji.

There are certainly a lot of things that have to go right for the Sacramento Kings in order for De'Aaron Fox to make the All-Star team. As a collective, the Kings must find team success, and be in a playoff position in order for Fox to get consideration. While that's a tough task, it's not necessarily impossible. If we're talking about individual ability, then Fox absolutely deserves an All-Star nod. Hopefully, De'Aaron Fox can get more recognition if the Kings get better, and perhaps he'll be able to help the team break their playoff drought.