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Bradley Beal Was Playing Rock, Paper, Scissors With A Fan In The Stands

Bradley Beal Was Playing Rock, Paper, Scissors With A Fan In The Stands

The NBA preseason is now underway and basketball fans are finally seeing their favorite players back in action. In a recent game, the Houston Rockets and Washington Wizards locked horns, and the Rockets came out on top. While the Wizards ended up on the losing side, their superstar Bradley Beal gave fans a memorable moment during the game.

We are not talking about his performance on the court. Instead, Beal was enjoying a game of rock, paper, and scissors with a fan from the stands. Being the visiting team in the game, Beal was most probably urging the fans to support the team, but a little entertainment never hurts, right?

Upon seeing Beal enjoying himself, a few fans took it the wrong way on Twitter. They believe that Beal is not serious about winning with the Wizards and that is the reason why he was focused on interacting with a fan from the stands instead of focusing on the game.

On the other hand, a few fans bombarded the comments section to convince Beal to get vaccinated. The Wizards superstar is yet to be vaccinated and with the new season right around the corner, it might put other players at risk as well.

Beal is not the only NBA superstar who isn't vaccinated, Brooklyn Nets guard Kyrie Irving also declined to reveal whether he got the vaccine shot or not. This is becoming a major concern for many and hopefully, it will be resolved before the season starts.

Speaking of the new season, Bradley Beal and the Washington Wizards are stuck in a dire situation. The departure of Russell Westbrook to the Los Angeles Lakers reduces the team's chances of even making it to the postseason. 

While Beal has certainly reached superstar status in the league, the same cannot be said for any of his current teammates. Considering the competition in both conferences, it is hard to see a team with just a single All-Star caliber player making much difference. 

Beal is in the prime of his career and he wouldn't want to waste it stuck on an average team, will he request a trade soon? Who knows?