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Buddy Hield On Attempting An Insane 13 3PT Shots In 22 Minutes In Preseason Game: "It Be Like That Sometimes."

The best 3PT shooters in the game are usually not afraid of missing their shots from range. There is no question that a lot of teams would rather have a good shooter keep attempting shots from range even if struggling, rather than passing up wide-open shots that they can hit.

In a recent Sacramento Kings preseason game against the Los Angeles Clippers, Buddy Hield attempted 13 shots from range in only 22 minutes. There's no question that 3PT shooting on volume is an area of strength for Hield, and he averaged a stellar 39.1% from beyond the arc on 10.2 attempts a game in 2020-21. However, against the Clippers, he only ended up going 3-13 from 3PT range (23%)

Buddy Hield commented on his attempts from beyond the arc underneath a post from basketball Twitter page Hoop Central, and simply stated that "it be like that sometimes". It is definitely true that sometimes shooters just take shots in order to try and catch a rhythm, and Buddy Hield is no different.

There is no doubt that Buddy Hield will eventually revert back to his usual averages, and he can certainly be considered one of the best shooters in the league. Most coaches would definitely be comfortable with just letting Hield shoot his way out of any potential slump based on his career shooting splits.

A lot of teams could use a shooter like Hield, and it was rumored that during the offseason, the Lakers and Kings were close to agreeing to a deal that would send Kyle Kuzma to the Kings in exchange for Hield. Hield could have certainly helped the spacing on the Lakers' roster, but they ended up going a different route and acquiring Russell Westbrook.

It remains to be seen if Buddy Hield can help the Sacramento Kings break their playoff drought. Hopefully, we see Buddy Hield bounce back from this performance in preseason and continue his elite shooting going into next season. The Kings will certainly need the best from Hield to make it back to the postseason.