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Cade Cunningham Apparently Calls Out LeBron James For Flopping

Cade Cunningham Apparently Calls Out LeBron James For Flopping

The Los Angeles Lakers closed another week of the 2021/22 NBA season with a win, this time against the Detroit Pistons, who almost completed the comeback in the 4th quarter, losing the game by four points. 

LeBron James once again dominated the game, dropping 33 points, grabbing 5 rebounds, and dishing 9 assists. The King felt himself during the game where he faced Isaiah Stewart again. While people believed there would be some sort of retaliation from the 20-year-old given their altercation eight days ago, nothing happened between them.

However, LeBron was involved in a little exchange with Pistons rookie, Cade Cunningham. It's not a secret that Cunningham is a big admirer of LeBron, even picking him as his GOAT. Still, none of that matters on the court. 

After Cunningham was whistled for a foul, he had some things to say to Bron, engaging in a little exchange while the Los Angeles Lakers got ready to take his free throw. 

It's unknown what Cade actually said, but it looked like he didn't appreciate LeBron's flopping, which granted him the free shots. 

Curiously, Cunningham was holding Isaiah Stewart as he tried to attack LeBron James two Sundays ago. Yesterday, he was the one going at it with the veteran player. In the end, the Lakers held the Pistons and got the 110-106 win behind Bron's 33 points. 

Cunningham finished with 15 points, 11 rebounds, and 2 assists for the Pistons, showing his improvement after a couple of complex weeks in the association. 

The Lakers tied their record at 11-11, ranking 8th in the Western Conference, while the Pistons suffered the 16th loss of the season, enough to rank 16th in the East. This team isn't competing in the near future, but they have good potential going forward. Besides being talented, they aren't afraid of anybody, as Stewart and Cunningham recently showed