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Carmelo Anthony Comments On Being A Laker: "That Purple And Gold Is Different..."

Carmelo Anthony Comments On Being A Laker- "That Purple And Gold Is Different..."

NBA veteran Carmelo Anthony has worn many different jerseys over his 18-year career. From Denver to New York, to Oklahoma City and Houston, he has experienced many different cities, cultures, and vibes.

But now that Melo is a Laker for the first time ever, he recently admitted that donning the Purple and Gold is truly unlike anything he's ever experienced.

Here's what he said in a recent interview:

“My first time being in the building, at the facility, on the court, still trying to get my bearings wrapped around my head the fact that I’m wearing this purple and gold,” Anthony said, via Spectrum SportsNet. “But my first workout went great today. Again, it’s just like any other court, but that purple and gold is different,” Anthony said. “It always has been, and it always will be. I’m just happy to be a part of it.”

Carmelo hasn't found much success in his other stints. Never before has he gotten so far as the NBA Finals, and never before has his team been favored to win the Championship.

With the new season approaching, not only does Melo have his best chance to win a Ring, but he also gets to compete as a member of basketball's biggest and most prestigious organization.

He has already come out to express his excitement earlier this month:

“What’s up, Laker fans? You already know who it is. I’m back in the building,” Melo said. “Big shoutout to all the fans, all the Laker fans, Laker Nation, and all the Melo fans that’s out there. It’s going to be an exciting season but it starts now and it starts today and the work gotta be put in behind the scenes."

It remains to be seen how this upcoming season will play out for Anthony and his new squad. Despite all the excitement and optimism, there remains some doubt about their ability to get the job done.

Nonetheless, there is a lot to be excited about, and Carmelo Anthony seems right at home in Lakerland.