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Carmelo Anthony Comments On His Amazing Defensive Night With 4 Blocks And 2 Steals: "I'm Just Trying To Stick To The Scheme... Honestly Just Do What I'm Supposed To Do On The Defensive End."

Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony is a great 6th man, and his ability as a three-level scorer and shot creator allows him to be an effective spark plug off the bench. In the recent win against the Houston Rockets, he scored 23 points on an amazing 57% from the field. Carmelo Anthony may have been out of the league a few years ago, but ever since he's reinvented himself as a 6th man, he's had a renaissance.

While a lot of people will focus on the offensive end of his performance, Carmelo Anthony ended the game with 4 blocks and 2 steals, making an impressive defensive performance. After the game, Carmelo Anthony spoke to Mike Trudell, and stressed that his great game was simply a result of him trying to do his part on the defensive end.

I'm just trying to stick to the scheme, honestly just do what I'm supposed to do on the defensive end within our scheme. Be there and be in position where I'm supposed to be at. I'm starting to get more used to just what we're trying to do with our scheme and where I'm at on the court defensively moreso than offensively so. Today was one of those games, we were doing it in great fashion. I think I did a great job of being in position, being in spots.

Hopefully, the Los Angeles Lakers will continue to play great defense. Frank Vogel is known as a defense-first coach, and defense was what won the Los Angeles Lakers their championship during the 2019-20 season.

Carmelo Anthony has previously stated that he's fine with any role on the Los Angeles Lakers, and perhaps that includes defensive responsibilities. Perhaps we'll continue to see him thrive in Los Angeles as he has thus far, and most fans will be rooting for Anthony's success.