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Carmelo Anthony Reveals What Keeps Him Motivated: "Being Around My Son And Being Around His Teammates And Going To The Tournaments And Them Giving Me That Love."

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Carmelo Anthony On "Old-Age" Lakers- "We Don't Care."

Carmelo Anthony has signed with the Los Angeles Lakers in order to attempt to win a championship next to long-time friend LeBron James. Even though he is no longer that top-tier scorer that he was in his prime, Anthony has had a successful few years with the Portland Trail Blazers as a scoring 6th man off the bench. Melo definitely put in the work to change his game, and it has paid off. It is crazy to think about the fact that only a few years ago, he was out of the league.

In a recent video excerpt from an episode of The Shop, Carmelo Anthony revealed what keeps him motivated, and shared how going to his son's games and getting a lot of fan love from his son and his teammates keeps him going.

But also being around my son, and being around his teammates, and going to the tournament and them giving me that love. That was a different kind of love. Like forget the media. When you get the love from kids like that. It's like oh... I gotta be there, I gotta do what I gotta do.

They telling me: "Man you ain't done. Keep doing what you doing." 

It's a beautiful feeling. It's embarrassing!

Listen, the year that I was away from the game. The hardest thing was to go from here to here. Right? And not knowing why. So, I walk in the house, I'm talking to my son, watching the game. He's just like:

"Dad.. yo him?! He playing?! But dad now he trash. Like I don't see him in the league and you ain't in the league. Like... what's going on?"

"Everybody got different situations, man."

There is no doubt that Carmelo Anthony is a legend, and he certainly gets a lot of love from a lot of NBA fans. Having a lot of people encourage you must mean a lot, especially if it's your son and his teammates. There should never have been any question back then about whether Carmelo Anthony could play in the league. It seems as though things have worked out for him in the end though, as he is now on a contender, and will get the opportunity to contribute to winning a championship.