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Charles Barkley On Bradley Beal's Massive Extension With Wizards: "Every Time I See One Of Those Contracts, I Want To Snatch Up My Mom And Say, ‘Why Couldn’t You Just Wait A Couple More Years To Have Me?’”

Bradley Beal

After much speculation, Wizards star Bradley Beal secure his future this summer by inking a huge $251 million contract to stay with the Wizards. It will keep Beal in town for the remainder of his prime, but it will also shovel out almost $300 million for a guy who didn't even make the All-Star team this year.

Speaking on the details of Beal's shiny new deal, TNT broadcaster (and former NBA superstar) Charles Barkley delivered some hilarious lines and explained why he wishes he would have played in today's era of basketball.

(h/t NBC Sports Washington):

“Wow,” Barkley said on a recent episode of the Washington Football Talk Podcast. “Let me tell you something. My mom—I love my mom, she passed away a few years ago. Every time I see one of those contracts, I want to drive to the graveyard and just snatch her up and say, ‘Why couldn’t you just wait a couple more years to have me?! Just a couple more years!”

“You know what? Bless these young guys. Bradley Beal’s a hell of a player. I don’t ever want to be the old ‘Get off my lawn’ guy. I made more money than Bill Russell, he’s a much better player than me. I made more money than Kareem, he’s a much, much better player than me. Hey, God bless them. It’s good work if you can get it.”

On paper, Bradley Beal is everything you could want in a franchise star. He's a multiple-time All-Star, a 29-year-old sharpshooter entering his prime, and a proven playmaker who continues to develop his ball handling skills.

Unfortunately, though, Beal has yet to lift the Wizards to a successful playoff run and his many flaws on the basketball court were exposed to an entirely new degree this season.

The fact is, if Bradley Beal can secure a $250+ million deal in today's NBA, Barkley would have done the same. Instead, Chuck earned roughly $40 million (salary) over 13 years in the league.