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Charles Barkley Roasts The Hawks: "The Hawks Are That Pretty Girl Whose Makeup Came Off And She's Ugly."

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The Atlanta Hawks have been a very disappointing team this season. They are currently the 12th seed in the Eastern Conference coming off an Eastern Conference Finals appearance, and there's no question that this was not the way their season was expected to go.

Charles Barkley has recently roasted the Hawks for their season, claiming that they are "that pretty girl whose makeup came off and she's ugly". It is clear that Barkley is referring to the fact that despite a good playoffs run, the Atlanta Hawks are still a flawed team.

I'm thinking the Hawks are that pretty girl whose make up came off and she's ugly. That's what the Hawks are. Things are not looking good... This is your life.

There is no question that the Atlanta Hawks have to improve quickly to get to the playoffs once again. They haven't been able to consistently win in recent memory, though their latest win came against the contending Milwaukee Bucks, who are obviously one of the best teams in the league. Perhaps that can serve as a starting point for them to get better as a team

We'll see how well the Atlanta Hawks do going forward. It seems as though roster moves aren't out of the question either, as it has been rumored that the Atlanta Hawks have made everyone on the team available for trade except Trae Young and Clint Capela. Perhaps we'll see them try and make a trade to acquire a co-star for Trae Young. Notably, the Hawks have been linked with Philadelphia All-Star Ben Simmons, though obviously no move has been made yet.

Trae Young is one of the most entertaining stars in the league, and hopefully, we see him make the playoffs. There's no doubt that the Hawks will do their best to fulfill that goal, and perhaps we'll see them make the postseason once again.