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Charles Oakley Blasts Steve Nash, Says He Isn't The Right Coach For Nets: "You Need Somebody At That Front Seat..."

Steve Nash

As the Brooklyn Nets do their best to avoid a 3-0 deficit against Boston, Steve Nash could be competing for his coaching career.

All season long, the legendary former NBA point guard was criticized for his role in a wildly underwhelming campaign for the team. As a first-time coach, many have had strong doubts from the very beginning about his leadership ability.

Now, after the first two games of the playoffs, those criticisms are re-emerging and many experts are questioning if he's the right guy for the team.

In an exclusive chat with TMZ, Knicks veteran Charles Oakley said the Nets might be better off with someone else.

“The problem with the Nets was I don’t know if Nash is the right coach for them,” Oakley said. “I don’t know. Being a ballplayer watching them, you know, everybody say, ‘well, this and that, if you got Kyrie and KD’ but you still need somebody at that front seat.”

Oak points out successful dynasties like the Lakers and Bulls had coaching masterminds leading the charge -- like Pat Riley and Phil Jackson.

Oakley says the Nets' issues started when they brought in James Harden -- a move they didn't need to make.

During his playing days, Nash was hailed as a brilliant leader, playmaker, and strategist. On the surface, those qualities usually translate well into the coaching world.

In Nash's case, his tenure has been anything but smooth sailing so far.

Since taking over, the Nets have been mired in controversies ranging from Kyrie Irving's regular antics to James Harden's ugly breakup with the franchise.

All the while, Brooklyn's failure to move past those obstacles has put Nash in a difficult position, and some say he has even lost the respect of his players.

Whatever the case, Game 3 will be a huge test for both Nash and his disgruntled Nets team.