Chris Bosh Explains Why Kawhi Leonard Should Re-Sign With Clippers

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NBA Rumors- Kawhi Leonard Will Opt Out And Re-Sign With The Clippers This Offseason

Given the nature of his contract, Kawhi Leonard is now free to negotiate with other teams and leave the Los Angeles Clippers if he pleases. And, as it usually happens with him, no one has a clue of what's on his mind.

Most reports claim that Leonard is going to go back to the Clippers, as they were too close to making the NBA Finals even when he got hurt.

And, according to Miami Heat legend Chris Bosh, that's exactly what he should do, as they're just knocking off the door of winning a ring:

"I think they should run it back. You can arguably look at this last season and I’m sure Kawhi can say ‘man, we could have an NBA championship if I don’t go down’. You know, they weren’t a 100% playing the Phoenix Suns. And you can potentially say that they could match up better with the Bucks in that finals series," Bosh said on ESPN's The Jump.

Bosh added that Paul George did more than enough to prove that he's capable of holding the fort down while he's out and that he's the kind of teammate that could help him win another ring:

“He [PG] came, and he showed up. And I think they all put on display why Kawhi should return. They have a great coaching staff, they’ve got great pieces. I think they can make a couple more moves. Maybe even be active in the trade market a little bit. But you definitely wanna run it back it back if you’re in that position," Bosh added.

The Clippers looked pretty good under coach Ty Lue and were an injury away from potentially knocking down the Phoenix Suns, so there's no reason to try and start over somewhere else.

As per usual, Kawhi Leonard's next move or preference is anybody's guess. But for now, we'd say that he's coming back.