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Cleveland Cavaliers Aren't Planning To Land LeBron James For The Third Time

LeBron James

The Cleveland Cavaliers are enjoying a nice moment, with a young core of players that can lead them to compete for big things in the future. After reaching the play-in tournament last season, the Cavs are ready to take the next step and make it to the playoffs led by Darius Garland and Evan Mobley. 

They seem to be in a great position for the future, but the nice moves they've made in recent years don't stop the rumors suggesting they will reunite with LeBron James for a third time next offseason. This has been commented on around the league a lot, but nothing really points out that the Cavs are actually interested in bringing the greatest player in franchise history back. 

Joe Vardon of The Athletic recently explained that the Cavs are not trying to bring back LeBron and the James family isn't interested in moving out of Los Angeles after settling down there. 

OK, I have tied myself up in knots enough over this. The Cavs are not proceeding with the intention of getting LeBron for a third time. As a northeast Ohio native who didn’t move when LeBron left for L.A., I am not planning on him coming back, for the reasons stated above.

I think family weighs too heavily into this, and the easiest move for him is to stay with the Lakers.

Vardon discussed Bron's chances to play with Bronny in the league, and the best option for him would be staying in Los Angeles. Of course, some things need to happen before that, but the King is still hopeful he can share touches with the 2024 prospect before he finally calls it a career. 

The Cavaliers have a young team and draft picks, but they don't have any intentions of signing Bron again, especially with the young players they have on the roster right now.