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Colin Cowherd's Suggestion Will Piss Off Lakers Fans: "Trading LeBron James Is The Quickest Way To Fix The Los Angeles Lakers"

LeBron James Says The Los Angeles Lakers Can't Focus On The Play-In Tournament Right Now: "As Far As The Play-In, Can't Even Really Think About That Right Now. Just Gotta Figure Out How We Can Get A W."

The Los Angeles Lakers are a hot mess right now. They can't catch a break and nothing points out that they will be able to turn things around anytime soon. The Russell Westbrook trade hasn't worked out, Anthony Davis has been dealing with injuries again, leaving LeBron James on his own against the rest of the Western Conference. 

While some believe that the solution to this issue is trading Russell Westbrook or even Davis, Fox Sports analyst Colin Cowherd has a different idea. For the controversial figure, trading LeBron James is the fastest way to solve the Lakers' struggles. 

Of course, this must happen in the offseason since the 2022 trade deadline struck a couple of weeks ago. Yet, Cowherd believes that getting rid of Bron would make things easier for the Purple and Gold. 

“This is LeBron’s mess, he’s the one who wanted Russell Westbrook… LeBron is an outsider. The Lakers always take care of Lakers, they have a history. Magic [Johnson], James Worthy, ‘once a Laker, try to always be a Laker.’ LeBron is an outsider. It may be time to move off LeBron. He’s amazing but the roster is not good, the chemistry is bad, the bench is terrible, they don’t have good contracts, and who is going to take Westbrook and AD? Reports are saying that Jeanie Buss is saying [to LeBron] ‘this is MY team and MY franchise, and YOUR mess: FIX IT.’ Well, truthfully, the only way to fix it is to move LeBron. That would be the easiest, quickest way to do it. Jeanie Buss pushed her brother out of the organization, you don’t think she’s going to move on from LeBron? LeBron is not beloved in LA, he’s ‘famous.’ Magic is ‘beloved’ in LA, Blake Griffin was ‘famous.’ Kobe and Shaq were ‘beloved’ in LA... LeBron is ‘famous.’ He’s not Magic or Shaq. This would not be a bad PR move. You know what he is? LeBron is Wilt. His best years were with someone else, he arrived in LA and they won a title, and we never talk about Wilt and the Lakers, ever. We talked Kareem, we talked Magic, we talked Worthy, we talked West, we talked Kobe. He was looney, flakey, and hard to deal with at the end. You can absolutely move LeBron, the NBA does not run through him anymore."

This is an interesting point of view from Cowherd, but it's hard to see the Lakers pulling the trigger on this move. It's been reported that the team's front office and LeBron's camp were having issues, and that could lead to a departure, but Bron's recent comments indicate that he will stay with the Purple and Gold for the foreseeable future.