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Dallas Mavericks Unwilling To Trade For Goran Dragic, Waiting For Him To Become Free Agent To Sign Him

Goran Dragic Apologizes After His Comments About Toronto Raptors: 'They've Won A Championship And I Didn't, So What I Said, It Really Was Not Appropriate.'

Goran Dragic got traded to the Toronto Raptors as part of the Kyle Lowry deal, but it doesn't look like he will be there long. Dragic wants to play regular minutes, and Toronto is clearly going to look for a different, perhaps young option at the point guard role. The most obvious move is to trade him, as he would fetch good value despite his age. 

Dragic is a proven scorer and playmaker and has shown that he can play a starting role in a team that reaches the NBA Finals. Dragic was key for the Miami Heat during their 2020 NBA Playoff run when they reached the NBA Finals. And his injury during the series against the Lakers was a big turning point for Miami.

At the moment, Dragic is with the Raptors. But how long will he stay there? As free agency goes on, more and more teams have filled up their roster, especially at the guard slot. And as time goes on, Dragic's options outside of Toronto will be few and far between. And at the moment, it appears that the team that Dragic has been linked to the most is not considering a move for him. 

According to NBA insider Marc Stein, the Dallas Mavericks are not looking at any scenario where they complete a trade with Toronto for Goran Dragic. That isn't to say that they don't have an interest in him. But they do not want his $19.7 million contract on their books. The Mavs are waiting to see if Dragic will come to a buyout agreement with the Raptors. If that happens, the Mavericks would be happy to pursue Dragic in free agency.

"Dallas will not jump into a trade. They're hoping Dragic makes his way into the free-agent market. They don't want his 19 million. That could change. No guarantee Dragic ends up in Dallas."

Dragic does want to play in Dallas, as he shares a strong relationship with fellow Slovenian Luka Doncic. But at the moment, a trade is out of the question. The Mavericks could change their mind, but it is clear that the Mavs would rather sign Dragic on a cheaper contract as a free agent.