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Damian Lillard Is Currently Shooting Less Than 10% From Three-Point Line, Going 2-24 To Start The Season

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Damian Lillard is considered one of the best active shooters in the NBA. The Portland Trail Blazers guard has shown the ability to make long-range shots look very easy, and is considered a consistently great knock-down shooter. Despite his range, it appears Lillard hasn't been able to find his form this season. 

The Trail Blazers have started the season off okay, going 1-2 so far. It is still very early to pass any judgment, given the Blazers are playing under a new head coach in Chauncey Billups. But there will be concern over how Damian Lillard has started the season so far.

As pointed out by StatMuse, Damian Lillard is currently shooting less than 10% from the three-point line. His current conversation rate is at a horrendous 8.3% and has only made 2 of his 24 three-pointers attempted. Overall, Lillard is only shooting at 34% so far.

Again, this could be the result of playing under a new head coach and a different system. But this could be a worrying sign for the Blazers. Lillard, who is one of the most accurate shooters in the league, should not be struggling to this extent. It isn't the poor form that is a concern, but the degree of it that has Blazers fans worried.

Lillard has been under the microscope over the last week. Recently, he was named to the NBA's 75 list, which honors the 75 best players in the league's history. One fan thought Klay Thompson deserved a place over Lillard on the list, something Lillard was quick to slam them for.

Going forward, Lillard will be hoping to find his form. And the Blazers will be hoping that he can help lift the team-up. In fact, Shams Charania believes that Lillard will demand a trade if the Blazers play poorly. So there is a lot at stake for Chauncey Billups and Portland going forward.