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Damian Lillard Roasts Patrick Beverley And Paul George After Game 7 Loss

(via EssentiallySports)

(via EssentiallySports)

The NBA world is in shock right now following L.A.'s Game 7 loss to the Denver Nuggets.

With social media in an uproar, and the community buzzing with takes, Portland star Damian Lillard joined in on the fun, using the opportunity to flame Patrick Beverley and Paul George -- people who have been giving Dame lip all season long.

He was joined by his teammate, CJ McCollum.

The second Tweet was a direct shot at PG.

Folks are bringing out all the receipts on the Clippers right now. After being title favorites all year long, their exit in Round 2 (after being up 3-1), the case can be made that they deserve all the slander, especially considering how much they talked throughout the year.

Patrick Beverley and Paul George went at Damian Lillard for not winning a title this year. With their season over, it's Dame's turn to go at them.

As for what's next, nobody really knows for certain. The embarrassment that has resulted from this loss is going to linger for months, and you can expect major fallout in the near future. It's not a good day for Clipper Nation right now.