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Damian Lillard Shared An Epic Video Of Himself Locked In While Playing A Virtual Boxing Game

Damian Lillard Shared An Epic Video Of Himself Locked In While Playing A Virtual Boxing Game

Damian Lillard is known for his incredible ability to score on the basketball court and his immense loyalty to the Portland Trail Blazers. The second has been tested severely in recent times, considering that the Blazers haven't contested for the title in a while. They are currently in the middle of a quick rebuild around Lillard while making significant organizational personnel changes and fending off offers for purchase from people like Nike co-founder Phil Knight

However, Lillard, who spent a large part of last season recovering from injury, is getting known for a third thing, the hilarious content he posts on TikTok. And his latest viral post is a video of him playing some virtual reality-based boxing game. Lillard seemed completely locked in the video, throwing punches with gusto as he tried to win at whatever it was he was doing. Fans noticed too, and as usual, there were some hilarious reactions to the video:

"Bro is fighting off trade offers."

"He's throwing hands with his VR teammates for all the times they let him down."

"I thought this was sped up at first."

"My guy might as well do some celebrity boxing."

"I love Dame but that is some bad form, my dude."

"Dame fighting the front office for giving him no help for the last 8 years."

"Save that energy for the court next season lol."

"Why is Dame's TikTok exactly how I expected it to be?"

"Dope but no defense, yep, that's Dame alright."

"Man's throwing combos like it's his job."

"Yep Dame is angry, it's over for the league if Portland get LaVine."

Lillard is often having fun on social media, so it's no surprise to see him put up a video like this, and the fans' reactions are all also exactly what can be expected in this scenario. Being the competitor that he is, Lillard will be bringing the same energy into next season, and if the Blazers can build well around him quickly, they could be a problem in a stacked Western Conference once again.