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DeMarcus Cousins Supports Kevin Durant Amid Trade Saga: "At The End Of The Day, I Want Him To Play Wherever He's Going To Be Happy."

Kevin Durant

It seems like there is no light at the end of the tunnel that is the Kevin Durant trade saga. Ever since the superstar forward demanded a trade from the Brooklyn Nets, NBA fans and pundits alike were in a frenzy predicting the next destination for Durant. Despite rumors, there hasn't been any significant activity in terms of teams coming up with feasible deals for the 2-time Finals MVP.

With the Nets' asking price reportedly too high, it seems like Durant might have to test his patience before a team makes a move for him. Recently, DeMarcus Cousins appeared in an interview. While Cousins spoke on a host of topics, he also spoke about his former teammate's ongoing situation in the offseason.

"I know KD... At the end of the day, I want him to play wherever he's going to be happy. I know how much he loves the game. I've never seen a guy work the way he does when it comes to basketball, nonstop. I don't think he ever goes a day without thinking about basketball. Like, he's really that in love with basketball."

"Whatever makes him happy, he deserves it!"

While Durant's offseason antics might distract many fans, people should not forget that the 2014 MVP is a fanatic for the sport and all he wants to do is hoop. Be it the Oklahoma City Thunder, Golden State Warriors, or the Brooklyn Nets, Durant has given his 100% whenever he has played the game and his talents and efforts have reaped him multiple rewards as well.

Although a trade from the Brooklyn Nets seems like a selfish move to many, there have been multiple factors that have not worked out for the team. Be it the number of injuries to star players or players like Kyrie Irving missing half of the season due to off-court issues, KD's time with the Nets hasn't been pleasant.

Given that he is in his prime and has less time to capitalize on his talents, demanding a trade really makes sense for the forward and a reset might be something that he and the Nets need right now.