Devin Booker On Phoenix Suns Fan From Fighting Incident: "Need Man's Info."

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(via Bright Side Of The Sun)

(via Bright Side Of The Sun)

Devin Booker is known as a man with a sense of humor, especially on social media such as Instagram and Twitter. We have often seen Booker make funny comments underneath various basketball-related posts.

Recently, there has been a highly notable fan incident involving a Phoenix Suns fan and a duo of Denver Nuggets fans. The two parties got into a fight, with the Phoenix Suns fans notably yelling out "Suns in 4" during the altercation. That incident was viral on social media, and it seems as though it reached Devin Booker's eyes.

Devin Booker has put out a tweet commenting on the fight and suggesting that he needs the man's information. It seems as though Booker decided to recognize the Suns' fan for his Suns fandom.

It is obvious that Devin Booker is joking around, and not condoning the man's actions. Fan violence should not be promoted, and for the most part, the NBA doesn't really have violent incidents. However, Devin Booker's response is hilarious, showing his fun side beyond basketball.