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Devin Booker Posts New Years Picture With Kendall Jenner, Fans Think He Proposed to Her

Devin Booker Posts New Years Picture With Kendall Jenner, Fans Think He Proposed to Her

Devin Booker enjoyed a stellar 2021, helping fire his Phoenix Suns team all the way to the NBA Finals. Although they couldn't clinch the championship, it was a huge accomplishment for Phoenix, who had been struggling to get into the playoff picture for all of Booker's career before that. 

He's clearly done well for himself off the court as well, Booker has been in a relationship with model Kendall Jenner for a while now. The two keep their private life to themselves for the most part but Booker posted a picture of her on Instagram captioned "Spent New Years by a fire".

The picture was of Jenner standing in front of a beautiful giant gazebo and it caught the attention of fans, who were wondering if the NBA star had popped the question to his girlfriend and asked her to marry him over the weekend. Fuel was added to this fire when Jenner shared a post of the same weekend and fans spotted a golden band on Book's hand

abizonien: "Just give her the ring bro."

thehoopersim: "I thought he's going to wait till the offseason."

Joce_X0: "This looks like a proposal vibe."

amariholt_: "Pls tell me you proposed."

armeltalla: "Winning on and off the court."

kacey.zz: "Are we getting a proposal???? Cause I need to prep my heart first!"

brittannyymurphyy: "Anyone else notice the ring on his hand??????"

theladywhocriedflowers: "I noticed the ring and she's hiding hers!"

mrshilst78: "He’s wearing a wedding ring?"

Nancymac4u: "I see the ring on that finger."

Whether Booker has gotten engaged or not will only become apparent with time if and when the couple decide to announce it themselves. In the meanwhile, the Phoenix star was clearly rejuvenated after his weekend away on New Year, leading the Suns in scoring as they beat the Hornets 133-99 on Sunday night.