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Devin Booker Stands By Ex-Suns Coach, Not Phoenix Suns Owner Robert Sarver, In The Latest NBA Scandal: "That's My Guy"

Devin Booker Stands By Ex-Suns Coach, Not Phoenix Suns Owner Robert Sarver, In The Latest NBA Scandal: "That's My Guy"

The NBA has been enveloped by the Robert Sarver scandal. Reports emerged yesterday that Sarver was revealed to have used the N-word when talking about NBA players, Draymond Green for example. This is a terrible look for the organization, which had been having a great year so far.

Sarver's situation is very similar to that of Donald Sterling from a few years ago. Sterling, who was the owner of the LA Clippers, had his offensive comments recorded on tape and released to the public, and he was eventually ousted from his ownership position.

The NBA has begun an investigation into allegations against Sarver and will be looking into whether he actually made these comments. For his part, Sarver has denied making these comments and cast aspersions on former Suns head coach Earl Watson, who had the alleged conversation with him.

Devin Booker was asked about Sarver's response, and whether he had faith in his former head coach Earl Watson. He said that he fully trusts Watson, even speaking about him in a positive light and calling him 'his guy'. It was Booker's way of placing doubt on Sarver's response. 

“Earl? Yeah. That’s my guy.”

Clearly, Booker is backing his former head coach amidst this scandal. Watson was in charge of the Suns during Booker's formative years in Phoenix. And he played a big part in Booker's development into the superstar-caliber player he is now. So Booker feels indebted to Watson and has a lot of trust in him and his word.

Booker isn't the only one to make a comment on this issue. Draymond Green, who was the player Sarver was reportedly berating, took to Twitter to discreetly comment on the issue. Montrezl Harrell backed Green, retweeting his comments.

At the moment, the Suns' franchise is in turmoil. And their star player placing doubt on his owner's comments by backing his former coach is only going to make the situation more complicated for Phoenix. Right now, they will want to focus on the court, but the attention of the media will go to Sarver.