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Draymond Green Blasts His Critics: "All But Bron Chasing Me."

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Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Draymond Green is a player who has always been controversial for his style of play, which isn't necessarily pretty, focusing on grit and grind on the defensive end, while being a facilitator on the offensive end. It is clear that Green has been the player that has done the dirty work for the Golden State Warriors dynasty in the past.

However, Green's lack of scoring punished the Golden State Warriors franchise in the play-in tournament, with there being a notable play in the 4th quarter where Green notably missed an open drive to the basket. A fan on Twitter called Green out, saying that if he hit his layups, he'd be in the playoffs instead of on Twitter. Draymond Green responded, pointing to the fact that he has 3 rings, and only LeBron James has more.

There is no question that Draymond Green is an accomplished player and future Hall of Famer. However, it is also an understandable perspective for someone to be frustrated with him missing the game-winning shot, especially in that fashion. Coach Steve Kerr has stated that the best version of Draymond Green includes him shooting and being aggressive. While there are some concerns about Draymond Green regaining his offensive game next season, after his championships, no one should doubt the potential of that happening.