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Draymond Green Calls Out Skip Bayless In Epic Rant: "You Have Attached Your Name To A Black Man All Of These Years... That Black Man Is LeBron James."

Draymond Green Pops Off During The Warriors' Championship Parade: "I Told Y'all Don't Let Us Win The F**king Championship... So I'm Just Going To Continue To Destroy People On Twitter."

Even when he's off the court, Draymond Green always manages to find someone to beef with.

Fresh off a championship victory earlier this month, Draymond is now engaging in a Twitter war with infamous sports broadcaster Skip Bayless, who has gotten caught up in a number of Twitter scandals recently.

In the latest move by Draymond, he blasted Mr. Bayless for his takes, which often involves something negative about LeBron James.

"You come out talking about the new media, that you not the new media, you the real media. You are the real media, you right. You've attached your name to a black man for all of these years and that black man is none other than King James, LeBron James himself. You try to tear him down as much as you can all these years. So you're right, you are the real media. You are exactly who I speak of when I say 'this is the new media. We do this differently.' You right, I'm happy you admitted it. But the new media is here to stay and we taking this thing over. You know why? Because people don't wanna hear that old, dried up, tired stuff that you talking about. Nobody wanna hear that no more."

Draymond has really embraced his role as a podcaster. When speaking to listeners/viewers, he doesn't sugarcoat the truth, nor does he back down from his own opinions. And he does it while maintaining a mostly player-positive view.

It's a refreshing thing to see in today's crazy media circus, but it has put Dray on a collision course with some of the established veterans in the business. Over the past few weeks, Green has had to defend himself from cats like Stephen A. Smith, Skip Bayless, Kendrick Perkins, and others.

Fortunately for all of us, it doesn't look like Draymond is folding anytime soon.