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Draymond Green Loves The NBA's New Anti-Foul Hunting Rules: "It’s Very Funny Seeing Some Of This Sh*t Not Get Called..."

Draymond Green

For years, NBA fans have scowled at some of the tactics used by modern players. Often, guys like James Haren and Trae Young (to name just a few) would "hunt" for fouls on offense, looking to draw a foul and earn a whistle instead of looking to score in more natural ways.

This season, though, things have changed on that front. In response to the tactic, the NBA has changed its rules, and officials have been trained to stop rewarding players who "foul hunt" during the game.

We've already seen some of the results in the preseason, and it's been much to the enjoyment of fans.

Warriors star Draymond Green says that he like the change, and anticipates what kind of opportunities it will open up on the defensive end.

“It’s very funny seeing some of this shit not get called. As a defender that's exciting because you feel like, as a defender, you can't do anything. Everything was tailored to the advantage of the offensive players. So, as a defender, it's exciting to me. I remember when the rules first came out we were in practice and I was yelling like 'yeah, mutherf-ckers, you can't get away with that sh-t no more. At the end of the day, I think skill in this league is at an all-time high and so guys are gonna score the basketball regardless. It does help to know you have more of a fair opportunity as a defender and guys can’t just cheat the system.”

No matter your feelings on Draymond, he certainly speaks the truth when he says the NBA has been tailored to the advantage of offensive players recently.

The old rules basically rewarded guys for seeking fouls and made it harder than ever for defenders to get a stop.

Now, there is hope that things will balance out, and it will be exciting to see not only how players adjust, but what kind of changes we'll see defensively for some of these teams.