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Dwyane Wade: 'Michael Jordan Was Chosen To Be The GOAT'

Dwyane Wade: 'Michael Jordan Was Chosen To Be The GOAT'

Everybody was in awe after Michael Jordan’s 10-part docuseries ‘The Last Dance’ premiered last night. Every NBA star from the past and the present showed their excitement to see MJ going at it with the Bulls and all the development behind their six championships together.

One of those was Miami Heat legend Dwyane Wade, who didn’t hesitate to show his surprise while watching Jordan talking about his last year with the Bulls and all the previous seasons he spent in the Windy City. At some point, he claimed MJ ‘had it’, stating there was nobody better than him and he was destined to become the greatest of all time.

“Man MJ had it! He had that “IT” He was chosen to be the GOAT,” Wade wrote on Twitter.

This is not the first time Flash has said this in recent days. Last week he said Jordan was his favorite player and the greatest ever during an AMA session with Bleacher Report.

If somebody forgot or didn’t know how great Jordan was, this documentary did its job and reminded everybody there wasn’t a better athlete in the world than His Airness, Michael Jordan. He makes icons, legends like Dwyane Wade become a child again and show all the love and admiration he has for MJ.