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Eastern Conference Scout Says "There's Really No Ideal Place" For Ben Simmons

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Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Ben Simmons is an enigmatic player to many. On the one hand, he has very clear flaws in the scoring and shooting department. On the other, he is a top-tier defender in the league, and his playmaking is also elite. We all know that Ben Simmons is a great player, but he just doesn't fit that well with a lot of teams. 

Jake Fischer of Bleacher Report has recently reported the words of an Eastern Conference scout that stated that "there's really no ideal place" for Ben Simmons around the league. It seems as though his "unique style" is a factor in that.

The entire situation puts Philly (and Simmons) in an awkward position. The Sixers believe that they’re a title contender, and they’re reportedly seeking four future first-round picks and an All-Star-level player for Simmons. The rest of the league, meanwhile, falls somewhere on a spectrum between thinking Simmons can still be a top-25 player and thinking he’s not worth trading for at all.

Simmons’s value, though, is almost secondary to the fact that his unique style (a defense-first player who isn’t a threat to shoot and has a non-traditional impact on both ends) makes finding a fit difficult. Not to mention that the lasting image teams have of him from last season is his passing up the easiest shot on the court. That’s why, even though a trade seems more likely than not, it may be a while before it happens.

“To be honest, there’s really no ideal place for him,” one Eastern Conference scout said.

There's no question that Ben Simmons has a very specific playstyle that must be catered to when building a roster. It's true that he had a really bad playoff series against the Atlanta Hawks. However, Ben Simmons is still worth a gamble, and perhaps we'll see a team go for him soon.