Enes Kanter Believes Damian Lillard Will Stay With The Trail Blazers: "He's The Most Loyal Player I Have Ever Seen... He Wants To Bring A Championship To Portland."

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Damian Lillard Says The Portland Trail Blazers Don't Have A Championship Team

In the modern era, we've seen a lot of player movement between teams, with stars often teaming up on a franchise to create a superteam. The number of stars who stay loyal to one franchise for their entire career is definitely slim.

Damian Lillard is known as a loyal star. Lillard has often proclaimed his love for the city of Portland and the fans of the Trail Blazers. However, there has been a lot of recent trade chatter around him, with some reports even suggesting that his request for a trade is imminent.

While the trade rumors were dismissed by Damian Lillard himself, he did state that he had no "firm decision" on his future. Teammate Enes Kanter has recently stated his belief that Lillard will stay with the Trail Blazers, as one of his goals is to bring a championship to Portland.

I've said this in many interviews: he's the most loyal player I have ever seen in the league... Everytime I go to a basketball camp, kids are always asking if Dame's going to leave. I don't think so. I think Dame loves the Blazers and the Portland fans so much. Obviously he wants a championship team, but one thing, he wants to bring a championship to Portland. That's what people don't understand. He wants to win a championship like every other player yes. But he wants to do it all in Portland.

It seems as though Damian Lillard is committed to winning with the franchise that drafted him. While the Portland Trail Blazers haven't managed to surround him with a championship-caliber roster the last few seasons, perhaps that will change with some moves this summer.