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Evan Fournier Was Frustrated With His Food Delivery Driver: "What The Hell Are You Supposed To Do When Your Doordash Guy Keeps The Food For Himself?"

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Evan Fournier

Evan Fournier joined the New York Knicks during the offseason, and he has already endeared himself to the New York faithful by scoring 32 points in their season opener against the Boston Celtics.

Fournier recently celebrated his 29th birthday on October 29th, but it seems as though there was someone who was willing to spoil the occasion. Fournier tweeted that his Doordash delivery driver kept the food for himself, and asked the NBA community what to do in that situation.

What the hell are you supposed to do when your Doordash guy keeps the food for himself? 2nd time it happens to me

It's fairly easy to report the driver for taking one's food on the app, but other people had some funny suggestions for Fournier. Channing Frye for example jokingly told Evan Fournier to "learn how to cook" to avoid the situation he was in. Evan Fournier told Frye that the Knicks were on the road. Frye then proceeded to ask Fournier about which city they were in (New Orleans) as he knew "all the restaurants" in any given city.

Hopefully, this particular incident doesn't happen to Evan Fournier again. It is easy to understand why he was frustrated, as having your delivery driver take your food while you're hungry is certainly not an optimal situation, as you either have to cook or order again in order to actually eat.

The New York Knicks will certainly hope that Evan Fournier is well-fed on away games over the course of the rest of the season, as he is a key part of their offense. His shooting and shot creation has definitely been good for a team whose offensive struggles were exposed in the playoffs. Fournier previously stated that he always wanted to be a New York Knick, and perhaps playing for an appealing franchise and a big market will get the best out of the French wing.