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Frank Vogel Lauds Carmelo Anthony: "I Love Coaching Carmelo... He's One Of Our Most Savvy Post Players."

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Carmelo Anthony is a future Hall of Famer, and in his prime, he was one of the most prolific scorers in the league. While he is no longer a starter, his scoring as a reserve has been useful for the Los Angeles Lakers.

Coach Frank Vogel has recently lauded Carmelo Anthony's abilities, claiming that he loves coaching the veteran forward. Vogel also labeled Anthony one of the Lakers' "most savvy post players" as well as claiming that he is a "professional shooter". Carmelo Anthony is currently putting up 13.5 PPG while shooting 40.6% from beyond the arc.

Frank Vogel: "I love coaching Carmelo. ... He's a professional shooter. ... He's one of our most savvy post players."

There is no doubt that Carmelo Anthony has been a positive thus far for the Los Angeles Lakers, and he provides much-needed spacing for the Lakers' superstars. His ability to provide supplementary shot creation is also useful, as there will definitely be postseason situations where the Lakers have to score in isolation. 

The Los Angeles Lakers have won their last two games against the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Orlando Magic, and hopefully, that sets them on the right path to success. There's no doubt that they have struggled this year, but they definitely have enough talent to go on a winning streak. Analyst Antonio Daniels even believes that this Lakers team has the ability to go 9-2 or 10-2 over any given 10-11 game stretch.

We'll see how the future ends up shaking out for the Lakers, but there are definitely some positives that we have seen in recent memory. LeBron James, Russell Westbrook, and Anthony Davis are still on the roster, and it seems as though the team is figuring some things out. Perhaps we'll see them turn things around, and there is no question that the Lakers are still a dangerous opponent for other contenders.