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Fun Facts About Each 2020 Lottery Pick: Anthony Edwards Likes Football More Than Basketball, James Wiseman Can Speak Mandarin Chinese

Credit: Dunkify

Credit: Dunkify

The 2020 NBA draft took place a couple of days ago amid an NBA offseason full of changes and a lot of activities for every team. Now rookies are signing their new contracts to start a new chapter in their life and NBA fans have started to know a little more about them.

Dunkify recently listed some curious facts about each 2020 lottery pick and some of them are really interesting. Starting with the craziest of all, Anthony Edwards, 2020 No. 1 overall pick admitted that he wasn’t really ‘into basketball’ and that he liked football better. Edwards even said that if he was drafted by the NFL, he would probably go play professional football instead of basketball.

James Wiseman, who was selected after Edwards by the Golden State Warriors, can speak Mandarin Chinese, something more than remarkable. LaMelo Ball, who closed the top 3, has a clothing line called ‘LaFrance’. Pretty interesting.

We have some players that had different ‘jobs’ before making it to the league, others with inspirational stories and background stories that explain who they are and what they will play for in the NBA.

Some must be more interesting than others to the public but all these young men have surely had an interesting journey to get where they are right now. Starting this next NBA season, they will try to add more interesting things to know about them.

These players are ready to make history and reach greatness.