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George Hill On Overcoming 3-0 Deficit: "It's Been Done Before Just Not In This Sport"

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The Milwaukee Bucks have taken the first step on their way to the 'impossible.' Right now, the Miami Heat lead their second-round series 3-1 after the Bucks stole a big win on Sunday, even after Giannis Antetokounmpo went down with a sprained right ankle. Khris Middleton and co. stepped up and helped their team win a hard-fought game that gives them at least two more days in the bubble.

This team is confident they can get the job done, especially George Hill, who has always shown his optimism that this situation can be overturned by Milwaukee. They were the best team in the league during the regular season and the players believe they can do it. Right after they went down 3-0, Hill spoke and stated that this team can do history.

“Might as well make history. First time in the history of the NBA we’re playing in a bubble. First time a team can come back down from 3-0. We’ve got to trust each other and continue to believe the season is not over.”

Then, after Sunday's game, the point guard doubled down on his comments. The Bucks showed a lot of heart and character and Hill knows that is very important if they want to take this series to a seventh game.

"I'm a big Boston Red Sox fans and they did it in 2004 so it's been done before just not in this sport. History has already been made with everything that's been going on this year, COVID, this bubble, so I told the guys why not continue to try to make history and just believe in ourselves and we can do it," Hill said.

If there is anything you can't take away from this team is their desire to get better every day. They still have to win three straight games but their hope won't die until the clock runs out of time and they don't have any chance.