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Gilbert Arenas On Lakers Fans Booing Russell Westbrook: "He’s LA, He Loves The City So When They Boo Him It’s Actually Personal For Him. “

Russell Westbrook

Russell Westbrook is playing good basketball again, as he's showing an improvement in his level in recent games. The former NBA MVP still has a long way to go with the Los Angeles Lakers, it's good to see that he's showing new things with the Purple and Gold. 

The veteran point guard has been heavily criticized for his performances this campaign, with even Lakers fans picking on him and trolling him after every game. This led Russ to stop bringing his family to games, as he doesn't like his kids to hear all the bad things people say about him. 

Things haven't been easy for the player, and even though he's shown his confidence and has been supported by his teammates and coaches, many fans wait for their opportunity to say anything to Brodie. Recently, Gilbert Arenas discussed this topic on his 'No Chill' podcast, claiming that when Russ gets booed in Los Angeles, he takes it personally given his relationship with the city. 

“When you get booed at home it mentally destroys you. Home is like my family. Home is my brothers and my sisters. Home is where the person is hyping you even if you're going to lose. Those friends he kept, don't, that's his home crowd. Hyping him out, 'you can do it, we can do it.' Imagine if he was getting ready to rap and they start booing him. That deflates him. That's what happened. That happened to Dwight Howard. Dwight Howard was the second-leading scorer on that team. He couldn't even play. He should have been playing, he's averaging 17 and 12. They booing him. I want no part of it. You're not booing Steve Nash for not playing well. You're not booing Gasol, who was playing horribly. You booing me? I don't want no part of this. You can see it in his eyes, like everything he has to second guess. It's the confidence. Personally didn’t even think Westbrook’s confidence could get shook. He’s LA, he loves the city so when they boo him it’s actually personal for him."

Russ has lived very complex moments in Los Angeles. He couldn't mesh with LeBron James at the beginning of his tenure but things could finally click now. Maybe it's not too late as the Lakers can make the postseason via the play-in tournament, and any team that faces an inspired LeBron and Westbrook will be in a dangerous place. 

Perhaps the Lakers get their miracle in the next couple of weeks and this team has a deep playoff run, with Russ redeeming himself after a tumultuous campaign.