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Iman Shumpert And JR Smith On How Tough Stephen Curry And Klay Thompson Are: "Steph And Klay Ain't No B*tch."

Stephen Curry Is Confident Klay Thompson Will Bounce Back: “I’m Not A Real Gambling Man, But I Would Put A Lot Of Money On The Fact That Klay’s Gonna Have His Moment.”

Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson recently won their fourth NBA championship together, beating an inspired Boston Celtics that couldn't stop the veteran Golden State Warriors with championship experience. 

The Warriors' iconic duo proved to be too much for the Celtics, with Curry and Thompson showing up when it mattered the most. A lot has been said about these two and how they are. Even though they are pretty cool off the court, when they're competing, their rivals see another face of Steph and Klay. 

Two players who faced them in the past recently discussed how tough both Curry and Thompson are, which is deceiving thanks to their looks and their chill personalities. Iman Shumpert and JR Smith recently sat down to talk about the Splash Brothers, claiming that they aren't soft at all. 

"We could talk as much as we want like... Steph and Klay ain't no b*tch."

"Nah, they ain't. That's the funny thing 'cause everybody be like, 'man, look at the little light skin boys. Like they're soft asses.' Like, nah, them motherf***ers ain't soft."

"Yeah, they're not. I was putting elbows in Steph's ribs... When we was playing them, bro, when Klay took his hand, he took his hand and he really like did like that, like really jawed me though. Like for real, for real, when you think about it, but I remember thinking like, I was saying earlier, I love that we get 48 minutes to hate each other."

"I love aggression. That's why I love Klay Thompson to this day, bro. 'Cause that man was ready to swing on me. I love him, I love that guy. Steph too, man. Steph was talking shot. Called me a b*tch and everything bro."

To win four NBA championships, you must have a certain fire inside you and it's clear that Curry and Klay have that. They've been one of the best duos in the league for a while and nothing points out that their status will change anytime soon. The Warriors just won another championship and they plan to keep collecting silverware in the future. As long as their dynamic duo is on the court, they'll always have a chance against any rival.