In 2019, Max Kellerman Says Andre Iguodala Should Take The Lost Shot, Not Stephen Curry

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Credit: ESPN

Credit: ESPN

Stephen Curry is perhaps the greatest three-point shooter to ever play the game. Yet, somehow, it feels like he's often disrespected or snubbed by some fans and even the media.

That's what happened in 2019 when ESPN First Take's Max Kellerman said that if the fate of the universe was on the line and a player from the Golden State Warriors had to hit a three-pointer to save us, he'd rather have Andre Iguodala than Stephen Curry taking that shot:

"Of everyone on Golden State, open shot, the fate of the universe on the line, the Martians have the death beam pointed at earth, you better hit it, I want IGUODALA. Iguodala's got ice water in his veins. Iguodala is that type of player. High leverage moment, fate of the universe on the line, open shot, not go-get-it, I want Iguodala taking that shot for me," Kellerman said.

Later, Kellerman shared his hot take with Iguodala himself and even Andre said that he was crazy. I mean, this is by no means disrespect towards Iggy, but c'mon man, it's Stephen Curry we're talking about.

It is true that Iguodala has knocked down some huge shots over his career but he's a career 33.3% shooter (0.9 on 2.7 attempts per game), while Curry shoots 43.5% from deep per his career on 8.9 three-pointers per game.

Kellerman has become infamous around the NBA community for these kinds of hot takes and this one has to be one of the worst, by far, especially if you consider that he could have also chosen Kevin Durant or Klay Thompson ahead of Andre.

Curry's used to being snubbed and overlooked. He wasn't a highly-recruited prospect, nor he attended a top-tier college program. Then, even the Minnesota Timberwolves passed on him twice with two point guards in the Draft ahead of him.