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"Is Tim Duncan Bisexual?", Charlamagne 'Tha God' Surprised Danny Green With The Most Random Question During An Interview On The Breakfast Club

Danny Green

NBA and the media go hand-in-hand. Be it the news of a massive trade or even players confronting each other, the media is always there to cover the news. While this is beneficial for fans to stay updated on their favorite teams and players, it certainly gets frustrating for players at times as they are asked uncomfortable questions time and again.

One of these instances happened with former San Antonio Spurs shooter Danny Green. Making an appearance at the Breakfast Club, Green was hosted by one of the most well-known members of the Club in Charlamagne 'Tha God'. Often known for his straightforward questioning, Green's appearance in the Breakfast Club started off swiftly.

But things quickly took a massive U-Turn when the host asked Danny Green a bizarre question. Asking Green whether his then teammate Tim Duncan was bisexual, it is safe to say that the 3-time champion was caught a bit off-guard.

Green then had a pretty swift response to the question and claimed that it wouldn't matter to him if that turned out to be true.

"I mean Timmy's Tim. I'm not gonna look at him any differently. He's my teammate, regardless. I haven't heard anything about it and I definitely haven't suspected anything, but you know he's going through some stuff and that's what happens when you go through a divorce and sometimes it gets ugly."

Tim Duncan is perhaps one of the most influential players of his generation. Known as Mr. Fundamental, Duncan was probably the most sought-after power forward out there. With his ability to defend anyone, or the ease with which he could score the ball, the 5-time champion established himself as one of the best players in the league in his prime.

Given that, a question like the one CTG asked was incredibly disrespectful to the legendary forward.

Duncan, back in 2013, separated from his longtime wife, Amy Duncan. Amid the messy divorce between the two, a rumor that the forward was bisexual spread like wildfire. While all of this was happening, Spurs players were repeatedly questioned about Duncan's sexuality. But at the end of the day, nothing sufficed as the forward's incredibly controversial divorce lawsuit came to an end.