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Jalen Rose Believes Trae Young Is The Only One Who Could Break Stephen Curry's Future All-Time 3PT Record

Stephen Curry and Trae Young

Credit: Getty

Stephen Curry is the greatest shooter of all time, and there's no question that his shooting has drastically changed the game. He holds many records related to shooting from beyond the arc.

Another record Stephen Curry is close to getting is the all-time 3PT made record which is currently held by Ray Allen. He is 10 3PT shots away from breaking it after he had 6 3PT shots against the Portland Trail Blazers.

It is unthinkable that there will be somebody that can eventually break Stephen Curry's future 3PT record once he retires. However, Jalen Rose believes that if there was a player that would be able to do it, it's Trae Young.

He may get 4000 made 3s. 4000. That's like putting a high score up on a video game that nobody's gonna take down. It's almost like Stockton's assist record.

But I thought this when the Big O had the triple-double record, and then Russell Westbrook came along. I would say Stephen is gonna put up the score that nobody's gonna take down.

But if somebody is, Trae Young is going to be the guy. Because he's 23, he's played like 4 years, he shoots with unlimited range, he's already a guy averaging 25 and double digit assists for what it's worth.

There's no doubt that Trae Young is a good shooter, who can shoot from a similar range as Stephen Curry. However, most people would agree that he isn't as prolific a shooter as the veteran point guard.

We'll have to wait and see if Trae Young is able to break the aforementioned record. Trae Young once said that he'll end up becoming a better shooter than Stephen Curry, and that's certainly a good mentality to have. Perhaps he'll succeed in that but as of now, Stephen Curry will likely hold the record for quite some time after he retires.