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Trae Young Says He'll Be A Better Shooter Than Steph Curry: “I Work Too Hard.”

(via Bleacher Report)

(via Bleacher Report)

Like it or not, the NBA is a shooters league. And over the past few years, we've seen a number of stellar sharpshooters make a name for themself on the basketball court.

Steph Curry is probably the greatest of these the NBA has ever seen. And, in just his second season, Trae Young has (impressively) put himself on a level not too far behind the Golden State phenom.

In fact, according to Young himself, he'll surpass Curry within the next few seasons.


The Hawks guard tried to avoid giving a direct answer but Shaq and co. would not let up, pointing out that Curry is “old as hell.” O’Neal was also not having it when Trae tried talking up Curry’s skill and told the youngster he should stop trying to be politically correct. The 21-year-old would give in, declaring he would be a better shooter in a year.

“I work too hard,” he added.

It might sound ridiculous and far-fetched, but Young's claim isn't exactly nonsense. To put things into perspective, Curry hit 317 three-pointers in his first two seasons. Trae has hit 361 so far.

On the flip side, the Hawks star has also attempted way more shots from beyond the arc and is hitting them way less efficiently than Curry (34% compared to Steph's 43%).

With some hard work and dedication, there is no question hat Trae can improve his craft. We've seen what the guy can do with practically no NBA experience. Whether or not he'll ever be a better shooter than Curry, though, is an entirely different matter.

This season is out of chances for Young to prove himself, but the next few years should provide the young guard with all the time he needs to catch up to his colleague.