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Jalen Rose Says The 76ers Were Wrong To Develop Ben Simmons As A Point Guard: "When You're Not Attempting Shots Outside Of The Paint, It's Hard To Have You At The Top Of The Floor."

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Ben Simmons

Ben Simmons is a proven All-Star, and there's no doubt that he's a talented player. He was in the DPOY running for the 2020-21 season, and he is also well-known as a player that can slash to the rim and pass the ball.

While Ben Simmons can play a variety of positions, he is generally viewed as a point guard. However, NBA analyst Jalen Rose has recently claimed that the Philadelphia 76ers made a mistake developing Ben Simmons as a point guard, noting that it's hard to have someone at the top of the key who doesn't shoot from the perimeter.

“Philadelphia made a mistake in developing Ben Simmons as a point guard and here’s why: When you’re not attempting shots outside of the paint, it’s hard to have you at the top of the floor."

Jalen Rose makes a good point here: the majority of players who play the PG position in the league today are good or are at least willing shooters when left wide open from the perimeter. However, that doesn't necessarily mean that Ben Simmons is a poor overall player just because he has that as a weakness, and perhaps a position switch is just what Simmons needs to be the best version of himself on the court.

There has been a lot of media attention on the Brooklyn Nets due to Kevin Durant's trade request. Many expect him to eventually get moved, but if he doesn't, this Brooklyn Nets roster could potentially be deadly. Kevin Durant would, in theory, be flanked by two All-Star level players in Kyrie Irving and Ben Simmons, and that is clearly a trio that would make the Nets one of the best teams in the Eastern Conference. It remains to be seen if we will ever see the trio in action together, and hopefully, we get at least one chance to do that.