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Jarrett Allen On James Harden Trade: "If I Was The Nets, I Would've Done It, Not Gonna Lie."

(via Nets Daily)

(via Nets Daily)

Jarrett Allen is one of the premier young centers in the game. Allen is an elite shot-blocker and an athletic rim protector. Despite Allen being a promising talent, he was traded in a four-team trade to the Cleveland Cavaliers, so the Brooklyn Nets to acquire James Harden. James Harden is an elite superstar, so it is easy to understand why the Brooklyn Nets risked it all to get him.

Jarrett Allen has recently said that if he were in the Nets' position, that he would have done the trade as well. It makes sense: most players recognize James Harden's ability on the court. Legion Hoops reported on the situation.

This trade is reminiscent of a past Brooklyn trade, where they traded away a lot of future picks to get Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett from the Celtics. This is however different: James Harden is a former MVP and is way younger than those two were when they were acquired by the Nets. A Hoopshype article by Michael Scotto detailed Allen's thought process.

In all honesty, I would say I would do it, I’m not going to lie,” Allen said. “If you look at what happened with the Lakers, they did the same thing. They went and got their ring. If I take myself out of it, I would’ve loved to stay in Brooklyn, but I understand that in an opportunity like that, you have to go do it.

It seems as though Allen understands why the franchise made its decision. While it may hurt in the short term, Allen is an intriguing piece on a promising Cleveland Cavaliers team and will learn a lot from Andre Drummond.