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Jason Williams Explains Why LeBron James Is The GOAT: 'MJ Just Couldn’t Have Done That.'

(via Essentially Sports)

(via Essentially Sports)

Former NBA star Jason Williams has picked his GOAT between LeBron James and Michael Jordan. For Williams, aka 'White Chocolate', considers the King the greatest player of all time over His Airness. He took to Instagram to write a long post detailing why he believes there is nobody better than Bron.

“Ima start off by saying right off the bat that I got nothing but love and respect for everyone in this discussion,” he wrote. “Anyone who knows me knows I always paid my respects to my OGs!! But I get asked all the time who the GOAT is to me when it comes down to MJ, Kobe, and LeBron!”

He picked Bron over Jordan and Bryant, providing the reasons why he believes Bron is superior to the other superstars, but paying his respect to the 3x NBA champion.

“Before I get into let me make it clear: there was never a badder human being to step foot on a basketball court than Michael Jordan!!! His intensity and competitive fire and six rings speaks for itself!! Baddest dude to ever lace em up PERIOD. The blood sweat and tears were SACRED to Bean, he just wanted it more than anybody else.”

“All I gotta say is that if we’re talking PURELY BASKETBALL, he’s the GOAT,” Williams wrote about LeBron.

“Bro could lead the league in 5 statistical categories if he wanted to, and MJ just couldn’t have done that!! Bron got the perfect body/IQ/raw ability for the game of basketball and that’s just a fact.”

This comes after LeBron praised Williams and his game. The respect is mutual between the two, as Williams had nothing but good things to say about James, even saying Bron's shoes are more comfortable than the Air Jordans.