Javale McGee: “Going To Golden State Was Life-Changing For Me."

JaVale McGee

The Golden State Warriors have found a lot of success over the past few years. While much of their achievements can be chalked up to the talent of their roster, the Warriors have a certain culture that brings out the best in their players.

For years, folks have raved about that culture, and many have flocked to experience it for themselves.

In a chat with Shannon Sharpe on "Club Shay Shay," former Warriors center JaVale McGee shed some light on his time in Golden State, revealing what made his time there so special:

“Going to Golden State was life-changing for me. Seeing the way a real organization works...they were definitely a players team. 1-15 everybody was locked in.

The Warriors play a system that gets everyone involved and locked in. They play together, for each other, and in a way that plays off everybody's strengths.

Unfortunately, JaVale wasn't getting a whole lot of time there towards the end, which is what eventually led to his departure.

“I didn’t enjoy not playing a lot in Golden State, but I enjoyed winning. I enjoyed hanging out with those guys. I enjoyed playing. But you have, everybody has that selfish bone where everybody were like I want to succeed too," the big man explained.

He also explained what he expects to see from the team going forward, and whether or not Klay Thompson will return to his old ways.

"I expect the old Klay. I can maybe see him slacking on defense in the first month because in the offseason you don’t get those reps. But offensively, he didn’t hurt his arm, so that boy is going to shoot.”

McGee recently signed a deal with Phoenix, where he expects to help lead a young Suns team back to the NBA Finals.

He has come a long way since his days as a Warrior, and there's no telling if he'll ever go back. But it's clear that being a part of that organization changed his career forever, and for the better.