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Jay Williams Blasts NBA Players Who Complain About The Bubble: “Not The Right Look For The League.”

(via Insider)

(via Insider)

With players settling into their new (but temporary) homes in the Orlando bubble, much noise has been made about the state of their living conditions. NBA stars have posted their complaints all over social media, sighting poor food choices and lackluster hotels as the root of their frustrations.

It is certainly the case that the Orlando bubble isn't what these players are used to and for many, it's of lesser quality than they're accustomed to living.

The thing is, the hotels they're staying in (and the food they're being served) are considered way above average by many, and these players have drawn criticism by a lot of folk in the NBA community -- including NBA analyst Jay Williams, who roasted the complainants on ESPN.

In times like these, when black folk in poverty are being killed in the streets, and people are losing their jobs due to COVID-19, now is not the time for NBA players to be complaining about the bubble, especially because they're getting room service and access to rides around the resort.

They're pretty much living like kings over there and fans just aren't going to accept the notion that they're somehow suffering.