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Jay Williams Says LaMelo Ball Is Better Than Ja Morant: “LaMelo Ball Might End Up Becoming The Face Of The League”

Jay Williams Says LaMelo Ball Is Better Than Ja Morant: “LaMelo Ball Might End Up Becoming The Face Of The League”

Currently, LaMelo Ball is one of the brightest young players in the NBA. He has emerged as someone that the Charlotte Hornets have been looking for. The franchise can finally build around an outstanding talent, who might even lead them to an NBA Championship.

But LaMelo is not the only amazing young player in the league. Memphis Grizzlies guard Ja Morant is right up there. So far, Morant is having a breakout season and stuffing the box score in each game.

What if we were to compare these two sensational players? Who is better? Well, NBA analyst Jay Williams was asked this question. For many, this might be a close debate, but Williams has a clear answer. He believes that Ball is not only better than Morant but has the chance to one day become the face of the league.

"Ja is like 6'1.5-6'2. Fantastic. Athletic. LaMelo is 6'7. He's not even grown into his body yet. He's 6'7 who has not grown into his body yet... LaMelo Ball might end up becoming the face of the league. See, LaMelo's been built into just this distribution network from his brothers, the everything else.

"You know everything about LaMelo from an early age. If it's him pulling up to a game in a green jacket and a green Lamborghini, you hate it or like it, it's polarising. But his on the court play speaks volumes because he gets everybody involved. So it's a combination of both. While I think Ja is way more understated, an absolute killer. But what LaMelo can grow into, I think he has a higher ceiling."

It is indeed true that in terms of sheer potential, Ball is probably ahead of Morant. He is yet to truly reach his potential and as he spends more time in the league, he will only get better.

The same can turn out to be true for Morant as well, with each passing game he adds something to his arsenal. 

One thing that is certain is that if the two players reach their full potential, NBA fans will see a great rivalry for years to come.